Our History

Long, long ago, when Napoleon was conquering Europe and Karl von Drais was inventing the first bicycle, Ferdinand Karkut was born. In 1813, horse-drawn carriages roamed the streets of Szczecin, and the city itself looked like a little Paris. Ferdinand grew rapidly, transforming from a cheerful mischievous toddler into a savvy grain trader, taking over his father's business, Karkutsch&co. Everyone in the city knew he was sharp-witted and upright. He earned people's trust and multiplied the family fortune, but he didn't stop there.

Our philanthropist supported the city with numerous donations, contributing to the development of Szczecin. In his will, he dedicated his fortune to building a museum on the Chrobry Embankments and a hospital in the forests of Zdunowo. Karkut had a big heart - and as they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. He loved good food! There were many restaurants in the city where he frequented, always surrounded by a circle of friends.

Today, we remember this fascinating figure as we delve into the history of our city. We named our restaurant after him because it is located on a street that was once called Karkutschstrasse before World War II.

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