A voucher is an elegant and exclusive gift for family and friends, as well as a beautiful way to thank business partners, clients, and employees.

Our restaurant offers three types of vouchers worth 250, 500, and 1000 PLN. To purchase a voucher, you can visit the Karkut restaurant in person or contact our reception by phone or email. To confirm the voucher purchase, please make a direct payment at the restaurant or to the restaurant's bank account below:

PKO Bank Polski

91 1020 2821 0000 1602 0172 8575

or via Blik.

Please include the following in the payment description: Voucher / First Name / Last Name.

Important information:

• In case the order value exceeds the voucher amount, a surcharge is required. However, if the order value is lower than the voucher amount, the remaining amount will not be refunded.

• The purchased voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance.

• Each voucher contains a unique identification code, which can be used only once and cannot be exchanged for cash.

• In case of loss, a PDF file will be sent as a replacement.

• The voucher must be presented at the beginning of the visit to the restaurant.

• Photocopies of the original voucher will not be accepted.

• To use the voucher, please make a reservation in advance due to high demand for the restaurant. This applies to booking specific tables

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