About Us

Welcome to Karkut Restaurant - a place born out of love for seasoned beef and a passion for Spanish cuisine.

The name of the restaurant pays tribute to a philanthropist named Ferdinand, who was once a respected merchant in Szczecin. Through his actions, he gained the trust of the residents by supporting the city with numerous donations and contributing to its development. The street where Karkut is located was named after him (Karkutschstrasse).

Our Head Chef, Przemysław Olczyk, constantly seeks out excellent ingredients to create authentic culinary masterpieces. Each dish is carefully composed with attention to detail and aesthetics, ensuring not only exquisite flavors but also a true feast for the senses.

We drew inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine while crafting our menu. Among our specialties are exceptional, locally sourced beef of various breeds and seafood from different parts of the world.

Our wine list includes over 180 carefully selected labels, with more than 60 from our own imports. Our sommelier, Damian Malinowski, will gladly assist in choosing the perfect wine for each meal.

By expertly pairing beverages with dishes, our team is eager to share not only their knowledge but also their refined taste.

We warmly welcome you to Karkut Restaurant, where every occasion becomes a celebration of flavors and human connections.

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