*Please make reservations on-line the day before arrival or by phone: +48 91 422 00 00, +48 720 422 422. Reservations are confirmed by e-mail. Terms of Use in the BOOKING tab.

    Online Booking Regulations:

    1. The table reservation system in the KARKUT Restaurant operates online 24 hours a day.
    2. In order to make a reservation, please provide your booking details (date, time of booking, number of people) and the details of the booking person (name, telephone number and e-mail).
    3. This data is collected only for the reservation process.
    4. Online reservations can be made with at least one day advance.
    5. Reservations for the same day should be made by phone (+48 91 422 00 00, +48 720 422 422).
    6. In order to confirm the reservation, the representative of KARKUT Restaurant will contact you by e-mail or by phone.
    7. We guarantee availability of the reserved table for 30 minutes after the time for which the booking has been made.
    8. Please inform us about possible late arrival or cancellation of your reservation.
    9. Regardless of the online booking system, we accept reservations by phone (+48 91 422 00 00, +48 720 422 422) during the restaurant's working hours.
    1. Online reservations are only for groups of up to 20 people. If you would like to book a table for more people, you should make it personally or by phone.
    2. We are not liable for damages incurred by you or another person due to planned or unplanned interruptions in the system operation, including as a result of any network failure that prevented the reservation from being made.
    3. We strive to keep the system running continuously. We stipulate that there may be gaps in the system's functioning in order to update data, fix errors or carry out other maintenance work.
    4. We are not planning to publish information about planned breaks in the functioning of the system, but all current information may be posted on the Facebook profile of the KARKUT Restaurant.
    5. The KARKUT Restaurant reserves the right not to accept a reservation if more than 50% of the accommodation is booked at the same time. All information regarding the waiting time for dishes and the availability of a table in this case will be forwarded by the restaurant's representative by phone. In the event that guests insist on booking despite information about inconveniences that may occur, The KARKUT Restaurant is not responsible for the dissatisfaction of guests and related complaints.